Applying innovative management and sales methods, we have managed to be established as one of the most reliable and effective real estate companies.
The high quality of our services in conjunction with the experience, ethics and transparency revealed us as a reliable advisor - negotiator.
The investment in long term collaborative relationships with our stakeholders comprises daily goal. Especially, after the first completed deal we try to keep a good contact.

Activity objects

• Sales
• Rentals
• Assessment of properties
• Real estate management
• Consulting services
• Renovations – Loans

The aggressive marketing of our company keeps us in daily contact with old and new customers looking for commercial properties. With a wide portfolio of hundreds of properties in each category, we feel ready to meet the needs for any purchase or rental property.
The accumulation of expertise and training of our staff enable the Mesitiki Akiniton -Real estate firm to offer assessment services and real estate development.


Our company provides comprehensive reports of property assessments, based on real comparative real estate market data, calculating the market value of your property following the methodologies of international organizations and always applying the applicable Appraising standards.
We are certified real estate appraiser undertaking assessment projects throughout the Greece. During our long way we have noticed hundreds of successfully completed tasks.

Companies of the Financial, Industrial, Commercial Sector, service and construction companies, as well as Chain Stores, trusted us their needs and we responded effectively.

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